In addition to the app, we use a service called 'Flocknote' to stay in touch.  If you sign up with our Flocknote account, you can be quickly informed about upcoming events.
Here's the cool part... you can specify the different areas where you are personally involved and only get updates for the things which pertain to you.
Here's the other cool part...  we can get in touch with you via email OR text message.  The text messages will come with a link where you can participate in the thread with others from your group.
Here's how you sign up:
Make sure you specify which areas you want to receive information from.  Currently, we have the following designations:
  • Children's Ministry
  • Youth
  • Men's Ministry
  • Precepts
  • Women's Ministry
  • College / Career
  • Go Ye Project (monthly service ministry)
  • Band