Rapture Believing Fundies

Rapture:  F

rom the Latin 'rapturo'

Is it in the Bible?  Yes.  It is how Jerome translated the Greek word harpazo.  Harpzo means 'caught up'.

The most direct usage is from:

1 Thessalonians 4:17 (ESV)

Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord.

Some Christians debate on the timing of this harpazo event.

Most Christians debate on whether there is, or is not such a thing as the harpzo.

Believe it or not, most folks in the church don't believe in this event.  They claim that a guy named John Darby invented it in 1830.

They believe that the tribulation events described in the Bible happened historically and were wrapped up by 70 AD.  In that time period, under the persecution of the Romans, an unmatched tribulation occurred.

Matthew 24:21 (ESV)

For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be.

According to our history books, that time period was really bad.  According to our history books, there have been many tribulations in history that were far worse.

Several early church fathers had a futurist view...  Maybe they didn't have a grasp on the harpazo... but they did believe that the events of Revelation where futuristic in nature... not historic.

Who were these guys?  Didache (1st Cent), Barnabas (1st Cent), Irenaeus (AD 120-202), Hippolytus (AD 170-236)...

The critics say, when we teach a futurist view, which includes the harpazo... that we are teaching John Darby and not Jesus Christ.  I disagree.

The critics also believe that a futurist view + harpzo = a faulty worldview based on fear.

I disagree.  Sure, there are always tribes of the faith who operate under fear and manipulation.  They use the idea of rapture and tribulation to steer people's behavior.  But that's not the case for everyone.  It's a straw man argument to use the abuses of some to invalidate a greater idea.

I believe in a rapture, a tribulation and a new heaven and a new earth to follow.  In the now, we are called to advance His spiritual kingdom...  we are to be a people of love, compassion, service, benevolence, justice, peace and hope.


 Forming a necessary base or core; of central importance-  A central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.

Apparently, being identified as 'Fundamental' is a bad thing.  Many people repent of it and rejoice that they are no longer 'Fundamental'.  I get what they are saying.  They are pointing at a mindset... a sect... a legalistic ideal that exists within the church.  I'm not into re-labeling.  I want a word to mean what it means.  I'm good with the real meaning of fundamental.  The base... the core of central importance is the Gospel.  The primary rule or principle on which our faith is based is the Bible.

I'm ok with being a fundamental.

For that matter... I'm okay with being an evangelical... another dirty word.  Evangelical comes from the Greek work which is translated, "Gospel".  Gospel means, "Good News".  The Good News is defined in the perfect life of Christ, His teachings, His death and resurrection... according to the scriptures.  You can't say that you are about Jesus, and claim to not be Evangelical.  Our culture can redefine these words by their behavior... but the words still mean what the words mean.


I guess I'm still a rapture believing fundie...