I’m Fundamentally Evangelical

Suddenly, it's bad to be evangelical.  Suddenly, everyone is talking about being a recovering fundamental.  Suddenly, a bunch of Christians are bouncing along on one of the dumbest bandwagons to hit Christianity.

  • The demonizing of the terms 'Evangelical' and 'Fundamental'

Evangelical, or evangelism, is an English rendering of the Greek word for Gospel.  The word 'Gospel' simply means good news, but it speaks specifically of the life, mission, message, death and resurrection of Jesus according to the Scriptures.  This is something that no church should even dare to be ashamed of.  Fundamental means: "forming or relating to the most important part of something, or relating to the basic structure or function of something".  I know that a stigma has been attached to these words.  Westboro Baptist is anything but fundamental, but our society has pinned this word onto them so that they can in turn demonize it.  These terms have been used to describe churches of certain style, doctrine or expression... but quite honestly, I don't care.  I am all about the Gospel, which is the most important and basic part of the Christian faith.  If you slap a true word onto a lie, it doesn't make the true word wrong.  It's just a bait and switch... a con... a deceit of perception.