I Don’t Know How Jesus Does It

  • He pursues people and walks along side of them… and then, when they casually walk away as if it means nothing, He continues to love them and care for them. I don’t know how He does that.
  • He listens to so many phony prayers. He sees right through the words that people say so that they can fool themselves into believing that they are justified in something or another when in fact they are just deflecting from their real issue. Jesus knows their real issue, and yet, still wants to listen to them pray. He keeps on loving them. I don’t know how He does that.
  • His own children give Him millions of perpetual opportunities to be offended. He doesn’t get offended. I don’t know how He does that.
  • He receives the pledge to commit by the well-intentioned believer and then, shortly after, receives the retractions, terms and conditions, and resignations of that previously well-intentioned believer. Then after some time, He receives their pledge again and graciously gives them the opportunity to serve Him, knowing all along that they will probably quit soon… but He loves them and gives them every opportunity to make a good choice no matter how many times they have reinforced their pattern to make a bad choice. I don’t know how He does that.
  • You know all those people who look real spiritual on the outside… well, Jesus sees what is on the inside. He sees greed, ambition, porn, lies, embezzlement, and the unspeakable fantasies. He sees these things as being real in the hearts of those people who are lifting their voices and their hands in praise. He gladly decides to receive their glory. He enjoys their worship. He delights when they declare His gospel. I don’t know how He does that.
  • He offers a gift that can’t be earned, and yet believers come to Him in hoards with their works of morality, religion, and performance thinking that in some way they should gain privilege and recognition from Jesus. Jesus loves them. He uses them for His glory. He does not draw Himself away from their hypocrisy. I don’t know He does that.
  • In spite of what we are like, He loves us so much that He is off in the heavenlies making a place for us. He wants us to come and live with him forever, even though He knows we are dopes. How does he do that?

I don’t know. But I do know, that if He didn’t do these things, I would be lost and destitute for eternity. I can’t always do for others what Jesus does for me. People are a tough lot to deal with…   As I sit here today… disappointed, offended, jaded and confused by people, I am reminded that I have given Jesus every opportunity to be as I am. May I some day learn to be, as He is. Until then, I don’t know how He does it.