Rapture Believing Fundies

Rapture:  F

rom the Latin 'rapturo'

Is it in the Bible?  Yes.  It is how Jerome translated the Greek word harpazo.  Harpzo means 'caught up'.

The most direct usage is from:

1 Thessalonians 4:17 (ESV)

Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord.

Some Christians debate on the timing of this harpazo event.

Most Christians debate on whether there is, or is not such a thing as the harpzo.

Believe it or not, most folks in the church don't believe in this event.  They claim that a guy named John Darby invented it in 1830.

They believe that the tribulation events described in the Bible happened historically and were wrapped up by 70 AD.  In that time period, under the persecution of the Romans, an unmatched tribulation occurred.


For The Preachers Who Have It All Figured Out

Sometimes when you talk to people with no outward display of faith, they respond with offense, claiming that their religious life is a private thing.  Sometimes they express an indignant attitude.  It's as if you asked them about their herpes or why they are on the registered sex offender list.

"How dare you ask me if I have faith!  It's a private thing!  It's none of your business!"

I can understand that.  If you have no real system of faith, then faith is the most uncomfortable thing to talk about.

Over the years, I've come up against this kind of response in ways that I don't really understand.


Everything’s Not Going To Be Ok

Our culture demands that everything be fixed, affirmed, embraced and approved. Our culture wants an answer for everything. We need to assign blame. We need to fabricate some sense of justification. Sometimes, as society screams for an answer, we look to our Bibles and can't find a sufficient response. We can find answers in our traditions. Different churches have taken their stands and have made their decrees. Some of those answers are harsh. A harsh answer mixed with human nature often times leads to condemnation. Some churches have answers which are more akin to society's liking. They give culture more authority and ham-string the authority of the scriptures. We are so obsessed with our need to have answers, that we overlook the other option. Sometimes, the answer is unclear. Sometimes, the answer isn't comforting. Sometimes, the answer is offensive to the evangelical/fundamental standard. Sometimes, the answer is politically and socially incorrect. Sometimes, there is no answer at all. Sin creates consequences. Those consequences began to spread throughout our gene pool the moment Cain and Abel were born. They have continued to spread for quite some time now. As a result, the perfection which Adam knew before the fall, is not something that we are born into. We are born broken. Our wires are crossed. Our lines are disconnected. We have missing parts. We have extra parts. We have mutations. Society tells us that we are ok. Since the church behaves as a subculture of society (as opposed to a counterculture), we feel obliged to do the same thing. We might take a different slant on it, but, if we are not outright condemning people, we are telling people that they are ok. Sometimes, we are not ok. Sometimes, we don't get to have what other people have. Sometimes, our only recourse for peace, is the peace that passes understanding. Sometimes, the thorn in our flesh is not removed. Sometimes we have to depend on the grace of God to be sufficient. Sometimes, the best answer there is, is "I don't know".

Big Church

Today, in a conversation following the worship service, I told someone this:
I do not have any goals, nor do I have any intent to grow this fellowship numerically. If God grows it, it will be a matter of His will and not mine.
There is an underlying motivation in the church culture. It's all about numbers. It's all about growth. It's all about expansion and multiplication. I understand the motivation, (or, at least the one which is given most). More people hearing the gospel and getting discipled is a good thing. I'm all for that. But, I'm not that person. I want a community which looks more like a family. I want brothers, sisters, aunts, grandpas, and nephews. We know our family. We know their names. Creating a large congregation is not my goal. I don't see big numbers as being a validation or disqualification of my teaching skills. I'm content to have a fellowship where I know the names and faces. A small church is a beautiful thing. I declare, with all sincerity, that I am content. This is who we are. We aren't waiting for any flood-gates. We are not waiting to be something else. We are who we are, and it's a good thing. I'm not dissing the big church. I'm just saying, "That's not me."

The Sell-Outs and The Sold

I'm devouring Michael Gungor's book. (The Crowd The Critic And The Muse) Today, I finished reading a chapter on how capitalism affects art. I went into the chapter with skepticism. Even as capitalism opens the door to all kinds of evil intents, it also opens the door for the public, (NOT government), to regulate, and thus is a basic expression of freedom. Other forms limit freedom, so I am quick to defend capitalism. Unexpectedly, I wasn't offended. Gungor's approach ended up being very balanced. Capitalism is bad for artistic creators. It has isolated the 'sell-outs' and bred them in mass. Gungor's insight was brilliant. Here are a few quotes.
...when a person crafts their external world in a way that is not true to their internal world, even positive motivators... are not enough. (pg. 94)
The very act of creation ought to connect the artist more deeply with the ground of his humanity. It ought to align with that inner muse. When it doesn't, we create in a way that separates us from our true humanity- this is selling out.(pg. 95)
... just two more quotes, then I'll launch from this into something different.
The artist that lies with his aesthetic is in a dangerous place. when you craft your external world out of values that aren't true to your inner world, your inner world will soon begin to crumble. Eventually your outer world follows suit and begins to crumble as well. I think this plays a part in why so many stars overdose on drugs and why so many preachers and politicians wind up in sex scandals. They have created outer worlds that their inner worlds can't sustain, like building a house on sand. (pg. 95)
When artists lie with their aesthetic, it becomes as if they are borrowing creative material from the very substance of their soul. When the outer work demands payment, and the soul has nothing that it can use to pay the debt, it offers a tiny piece of itself (pg. 96).
Let's talk about a different craft now. Let's move on from songwriters and painters to preachers. Preachers create too. We work to lead and develop a community of fellowship where people are being equipped, enriched and spiritually matured. We proclaim the gospel with the hopes that the called will respond and enter into the faith. We direct people into that place where the unified work of The Holy Spirit and the scriptures engage to transform the life of the humble believer. This is our goal. However, the means to that end, is where our outward world might not line up with our inward world. In my world, the ends to the means is pretty simple. We preach the gospel and teach the scriptures, verse by verse. For the most part, our method is simple. Most of the pastors in my particular camp avoid the light-shows, videos, secular music promo's and shocking teasers. You won't find a Calvary Chapel inviting people to an Easter service with the phrase, "Highway To Hell", (No offense Pastor Noble). We are not known for our professionally produced presentations and pyrotechnics. Our church planting methods don't include anything which could possibly be called a program. For this reason, when one of us is confronted with these methods we respond with offense. The main reason I get offended, is because I'm not used to something. It's different. It is outside of my boundaries of normal and appropriate. Sometimes, with rational thought, we get beyond our offense and accept that which is different. Sometimes, with rational thought, we remain offended. For me, the ends do not always justify the means. The means might be reasonable. It might be justifiable, even on a Biblical level. These means are being pumped out, like sausages, into the church-planting world. In the past 15 years, a bunch of guys volunteered to be the sell-outs. Maybe they weren't selling out, based on their own personal inward worlds. Whatever the case might be, they paved the way. Now, the way has been paved. Instead of having sell-outs, we now have a bunch of guys who are sold. Church-planting with a programmed method and services resembling pro-wrestling events have become the norm. I just attended my first non-Calvary Chapel church leaders conference. Of course, I was offended. It was very different. I've never been to a conference with carnival rides and Michael Jackson medleys. All that offended me wasn't wrong. It was just different. As I looked around at the thousands of people who were assembled there, I came to a conclusion. These people think that this is normal. This is what their church services look like. These are the things that they focus on in their leadership meetings. These are the methods they employ. This is normal. These people are the sold. If I ever plant another church, I won't do it that way. I won't follow the program. I won't draw huge crowds with my clever marketing and my cool give-aways. There's no real problem with all of that... it's just an outside reality, which does not line up with my inward reality. How many guys are giving in to an outward method, which offends them inwardly? We are told that this is the normal way of doing things? We are told that this is what a normal church looks like. I can't be the only person who looks at the top-40 pop music Applebee's franchise model of church planting and confesses that this is just NOT who I am. This is not who God created me to be. This is not the type of church that I am designed to lead. I'm not disagreeing with the 'ends justify the means' method. If the 'ends' equate to people getting saved and discipled in a real way, then, as Paul said, the church should be willing to be all things to all men so that some might be saved. I disagree with the unspoken part. IT'S NOT NORMAL. If you try to be something that you are not... it will make you miserable. For the sake of having 'trendy-cred' and big churches, I'm sure, there are many guys out there who are miserable. My challenge. As you lead... as you plant... as you pastor. Be who you are.

Hole In The Wall

It's a great restaurant... It's just a hole in the wall, but the food is great.
I'm not quoting anyone specific, but we all know people who have said this. In fact, most of us have uttered these words. The chain restaurants have the fancy buildings, menus and decor. They have proven marketing schemes and business models. Unfortunately, they also have mediocre food. Somewhere, many miles away, the meals are prepared in a factory, flash-frozen and placed on a truck. They are shipped out to your favorite establishment where they await your order. From there, it's only one quick jump into a microwave and onto your plate. People with mediocre tastes and expectations flock to these establishments. As they simultaneously watch 13 football games and listen to rock n roll hits from the 80's, they are distracted from the fact that their food is incredibly generic. Don't get me wrong... people are still fed. Food comes out of the kitchen, and people consume it. The hole in the wall doesn't have any marketing. They barely decorate. The calendar on their wall is three years old. Every table is different and the chairs don't match. To the faithful patron, none of this matters. They are there for THE FOOD! In fact, their food is legendary. The hole in the wall has been there forever. The owner is not interested in bigger buildings and franchises. They might only serve 80 meals on a Friday night, but each meal was prepared the old fashioned way... one at a time... with love... with real fresh ingredients... People love the hole in the wall. They are faithful to it. They tell their friends. They know the name of every waitress and always send their greetings to the kitchen staff. Every time they go, the room is filled with familiar faces. I want the church that I pastor to be a hole in the wall. There are plenty of church growth programs being prepared in the Universities. They are packaged up and sent out to well funded church planting teams all over America. They have proven marketing and business models. They know how to get a lot of people in the seats. They are focused on expansion and franchising (campuses). They serve up the same menu... from one mediocre teaching series to the next. Most folks don't notice. They are taken in by the free coffee mugs and clever videos. Don't get me wrong... people are still fed. Even still... I want the church that I pastor, to be a hole in the wall.

This Is Not About Gay Marriage

... this is about the government. They need to get their grubby hands out of my Bible. The church claims three sacraments.
  1. Water Baptism
  2. The Lord's Supper
  3. Marriage
The Catholics have more, but, for the most part, these three are agreed upon across the board. The government doesn't meddle in the first two.  However, when someone gets married, the government is automatically involved.  Because of the many laws regarding taxation, benefits, custody and property, the government is required to sink the claws of bureaucracy into God's property.  This is unfortunate, but it is the nature of the beast. Government involvement sometimes leads to government control.  This is an inconvenience in the free-market world.  This is tragic in the religion world.One of the most valuable privileges we have as Americans is the freedom to practice our religion.  In the United States, the most prominent religion is Christianity. Majority means something in America.  We are free to embrace minority ideals, but our lawmakers are chosen by a majority principle who then, in turn, use a majority principle to confirm or deny laws.  Our founding fathers where greatly influenced by Biblical principles.  From our founding to the current day, the union of marriage has, in great majority, been practiced, officiated and confirmed by the church. The majority historical practice, as confirmed by the majority religion, has a very important and very specific definition for one its three main sacraments. The government is trying to re-define what belongs to the church.  Government involvement is now moving towards government control.  This opens a very ugly door.  If we let the government in now, they will never leave. I'm not opposed to civil unions between homosexual couples.  For me, it's not an issue of agreeing or disagreeing with a person's sexual orientation.  For me, it's a principle of rights.  Homosexual citizens should have the same civil and secular rights as heterosexual citizens in our society.  I will not argue against such a right. I will argue for the word marriage. It belongs to the church. If we don't taint our interpretation of the scriptures with cultural sympathies and popular opinions, we will see that marriage is defined as a holy covenant between God and two people.  Those two people are defined as husband and wife.  Those terms are not gender neutral. These ideas can be opposed.  We can freely disagree and proclaim views which are contrary.  Independence and free speech is encouraged, and I will defend anyone's right to define marriage differently.  I won't agree with them.  I won't like it.  But, the freedom that anyone would use to oppose my views, is my freedom.  I like my freedom. I am free to be right, as I discern rightness. I'm not afraid of (phobic) gay people.  I grew up around a lot of gay people.  I'm not affirming of gay people.  I'm not affirming of anyone except Jesus.  I don't think gay people are intentionally made that way.  I don't think any of us are intentionally made the ways we are made.  We are broken people.  We don't work the way we are supposed to.  All of us!  Some of us have a greater burden to bear.  We are all in need of the strength of God to be manifest in our weakness.  No matter how affirming our society becomes towards homosexuality, I won't jump on board.  I also won't affirm gluttony, or drunkenness, or greed, or pride, or adultery, or ... (the list goes way on from here). I will affirm Jesus. The rest of us need help. Marriage belongs to the church.  It's ours.  Uncle Sam, get your grubby hands off of our holy covenant.

Check In Brain – Jump On Bandwagon

I hear what the politicians are saying. I hear what is being written and reported by the press on a national level. I hear what is happening on talk radio. I read what people have to say on Facebook and Twitter. I listen to preachers, theologians and 'know it alls in the name of Jesus'. I'm reading...  I'm listening...  I'm considering...  I'M LOSING HOPE IN HUMANITY. For many people, agenda and opinion is more important than truth. They refuse to see truth amongst their enemies, and embrace any audible gurgle that comes out of the mouths of their allies.  Context means nothing.  In fact, context is a nuisance.  Context should be covered up, ignored and rejected.  We should plug our ears, close our eyes and make loud, "la la la la la la la" sounds when context is brought up. Politicians and reporters! (not all of them of course) - They assume that people are dumb.  Any American who is capable of thinking should be perpetually insulted when they hear the obvious manipulation of truth that they are constantly being spoon fed.  Thinking people should be able to see and recognize propaganda.  Thinking people should know when stories are being spun to illicit an emotionally driven opinion, contrary to the obvious truth.  Where are the thinking people? Right-wingers claim to be victims of this.  Some are.  However, there are a few guys that I can't listen to, because they do the very same thing.  Some of them take their callers out of context on purpose for the sake of entertainment.  However, even as some of them practice this, they are the most popular targets. I'm not going to defend Limbaugh.  I can usually only listen to him in small snippets.  I am neither a right-winger or a lift-winger.  I'm a Libertarian... that makes me a 'no-winger'.  I like to think that I'm a Libertarian because I like freedom and I am a free thinker. Allow me to think freely and without bias concerning the recent Limbaugh accusation. Rush Limbaugh said one 4 letter word.  It was derogatory term.  It was a crude word.  He definitely didn't take the high road.  By definition the word means this: "A slovenly or promiscuous woman".  Why did he use it?  It was in response to a woman who was testifying that the government should pay her contraceptive bill.  She reported how much money she spent, out of pocket,  while she was in college.  Limbaugh's staff crunched the numbers and determined that her contraceptive bill was sufficient to provide 3 sexual encounters a day for the entire time she was in school.  His argument:  "Why should the American people pay for someone's recreational sex bill, and how does it fall under the covering of 'healthcare'?"  In the midst of this argument, Limbaugh called her a slovenly or promiscuous woman.  He used a derogatory word for what this woman was pretty much confessing to. Was it right?  No.  It wasn't the most appropriate thing that could have been said.  But, it's live radio and the guy speaks unscripted three hours a day.  Not every word gets optimum filtering.  Maybe his sponsors should have issued a complaint.  That would have been an appropriate response.  Instead, the world out there that hates Rush Limbaugh launched a full scale attack.  Suddenly, Limbaugh was saying this of all women.  Rush Limbaugh hates women!  It became a very popular bandwagon to jump on. Should people complain?  Yes.  But let it be a complaint of 'mission' and not agenda.  Show me the people who are complaining about this behavior, and not just about Limbaugh. 99.99992111129% (that's an estimation based on a guess) who jumped on the Limbaugh wagon did it because they hate Limbaugh.  Are these people attacking the content of rap music?  Are they coming against any comedians?  Has a left-wing guy, like Bill Maher ever said anything remotely offensive of women?  Do you know what he called Sarah Palin?  (People on the left are not certain that Palin is actually a woman... so Maher gets a pass.  Also, he said it was okay since she's not a private citizen). The Republicans are a big target now a days due to the upcoming election. Remember when Romney said that he didn't care about the poor?  Did anyone hear the context in which that was said?  Probably very few.  The media didn't.  His fellow Republican competitors didn't. Remember when Santorum spoke out against the government's attempt to force Catholic organizations to provide contraceptives in spite of the Catholic churches' doctrine?  Why should the government force a religious group to defy its own doctrine?  Why should they have the right to enforce a people to commit sin?  Santorum spoke up for the freedom of religion.  However, the band-wagons defied the context of his stand, and labeled him, and all Republicans as being, "anti-woman".  Do those who oppose Santorum on this issue, really want to government to have authority over the doctrines of the church?  That's the world our founding fathers came out of .  That's why we have separation of church and state. The other day, Santorum said that Romney was the worst Republican to put up against Obama in the 2012 election due to his history with state run healthcare.  The press ignored all the context, and reported that Santorum said that Romney was the worst Republican.  When presented with the context, the reporter ignored it blatantly, and continued to press the 'worst Republican' issue.  Santorum cussed.  Who could blame him? Believe me, this isn't just a Republican thing.  The Democrats get it too.  Just watch Fox News.  It's like the Bizzaro World version of NPR.  Since Fox News is a minority when it comes to obvious political slant... you just don't hear as much. Christians are really good at this.  They like to jump on popular bandwagons.  They'll attack Twilight and Harry Potter all day long based solely on their popularity.  They'll write blogs, books and proclaim messages which are so grossly out of context, that anyone who has remotely skimmed through a Sparks Note version of either book, (if such a thing exists), will see that the warnings are unfit and out of context.  Names like Rob Bell, Rick Warren and Mark Driscoll incite panic and words like Emergent, Contemplative, meditate, imagine, candle or yoga spark outrage in the Online Discernment community.  They might proclaim the importance of context when it comes to scripture, but these same folks will abandon it in a heartbeat to weave a story of apostasy against one of their own brothers and sisters. I don't care what your political or doctrinal views are.  You should be outraged that this kind of stuff gets reported.  This isn't about who you do, or do not want as a president.  This isn't about who you do or do not agree with.  This has to do with the mental condition of our country.  The general public is handing over their brain and we're all okay with it. This kind of stuff is concerning to me.  If we attack the free speech of those we disagree with, we open the door for our own free speech to be attacked.  Free speech is neutral.  If you defend it as a freedom, then defend the voice of your philosophical enemies.  I don't like what Rob Bell had to say in his last book, (Love Wins), but I defend his right to proclaim that message.  I'll equip my family and my congregation to properly test that book with scripture.  I don't see it as a threat to the people I pastor.  I defend Limbaugh's right to speak and be heard.  If his sponsors don't like it, they will make their decisions.  If I don't agree, I won't listen.  I defend Bill Maher's right to use incredibly vulgar insults towards people he doesn't like.  I won't let my children listen to him, I won't listen to him, and his sponsors will make their decisions accordingly.  This doesn't mean I like or agree with these people.  It just means, I appreciate my own personal freedom.  My freedom gives me the opportunity to teach the Bible publicly and proclaim the gospel freely.  If my government allows me to do this, I have to realize, that they are also allowing Bill Maher to call  SarahPalin a word that I can't even insinuate.  I won't even say what the first letter is.   I defend my freedom, by defending the freedom of others. After a while... this stuff just becomes WAY TOO OBVIOUS!!!  When a bandwagon comes along, you instantly know who is going to jump on it. Right now, the Martin - Zimmerman bandwagon is rolling through society.  Millions of people who weren't there, as a witness, on the streets of Sanford, Florida on February 26th, are outraged.  They are convinced that a racial hate-crime had occurred.  The press is helping to fuel this fire.  The pictures that I've seen of Martin are 5 years old.  He was not a 12 year old boy when this happened.  However, that is the impression that you are told to have.  Hand over your brain and believe that a grown man shot a defenseless 12 year old boy.  These are not the droids you are looking for.  Even after the society found out that Zimmerman was neither white, nor a Republican... the momentum was unstoppable. The facts aren't public, because we Americans have a legal process which includes fair trial and this little thing known as, "innocent until proven guilty".  However, many people don't want this man to have that right.  The Black Panthers have put up a reward for Zimmerman's murder... but nobody cares about that.  Who cares about the due process of law when so many people who were not witnesses have such strong opinions?  The whole situation is a tragedy.  If Zimmerman is guilty, a young man is still dead and his family has to suffer for it.  If Martin truly did attack Zimmerman, then Zimmerman will still have to live as a marked man, because many people will continue to proclaim him as a racist murderer.  Either way, lives are destroyed.  When Zimmerman stands before a court and the facts are presented, we will be given some context to judge this matter by.  Until then, it's a lot of emotional hype.   For those who are calling for Zimmerman's arrest, let me ask you this:  "If you were in a similar situation, and you were actually innocent, would you want to be considered innocent until proven guilty?"  If you don't want the right for yourself, then go ahead and attack the rights of Zimmerman. I'm losing hope. Americans are giving up.  So many are joining a team, checking in their brains, and waiting for the next bandwagon.      

Lipstick On A Pig Faith

Sometimes Christians express their faith like glitter sprinkled on a turd.  (or, like lipstick on a pig) ...a Jesus T-Shirt combined with a sour disposition. ...the fish on the car that cuts you off in traffic. ...the prayer said before the meal, right before the waiter is treated like trash. Sometimes we spiritualize and Biblically justify behaviors which shouldn't be justified Biblically. We are free to act just like the unbeliever, as long as we throw a little spiritual justification into our verbiage. We express our jealousy and criticism of others by pointing out their doctrinal and philosophical faults.  As we oppose those who think differently than us, we masquerade our prejudice with a call for Biblical integrity and sound doctrine.  Our offenses cause us to respond in pride, seeking affirmation and vindication for ourselves with desperate crusades to uncover the sins of the offender.  When one community of faith isn't entertaining us, we prostitute the leading of the Holy Spirit and go on to the next one. Christians still hate.  They just make it sound Biblical. Christians still act out in pride, jealousy, envy, selfishness, arrogance and prejudice.  They just use more 'church appropriate' words. Sometimes we do this simply because it's our nature to do so.  Sometimes we do this because it is what we've been taught.  Sometimes we do this because it is our culture.    Whatever the reason might be, it's wrong.  No matter how much we deceive ourselves into thinking that our Biblical words actually justify our actions as being Biblical, it's still wrong. There are times when we should speak out.  There are times to leave.  There are times to go on the attack.  There are justifiable reasons.  Before we act, we should check our hearts.  Is the motive personal?  Is it revenge?  Is there selfishness?  Is there a need to be personally affirmed and vindicated?  Do we just want to be right? Pride is still pride, no matter how sincere, humble and spiritual we make ourselves sound.  

Can The American Church Handle A Libertarian Government?

I'm a Libertarian.  Why?  Because I want the church to be free... to be the church. Some points to consider... The Church in America wants the government to do the bidding of The Church in America Our current government system is not and will not create and enforce laws under the direction of a Christian-Biblical belief.  Sure, it might integrate some principles here and there.  It might throw a bone to the church in exchange for some votes, but it will not adopt or mimic the call, beliefs or responsibilities of the church, no matter how many times it uses our language and terminology.   It is the government of all the people, not just the Christian people.  Its rule should be secular.  There should be no favor for one group over another group.  There should just be a provision for freedom on both fronts.  It's rule should allow individual people and groups to legislate their own morality and spiritual beliefs.  As the government dabbles along the edge of religion with its occasional quotes, principles and claims, it does more damage than it does good. The Church in America wants the government to do, what The Church in America should be doing.   Our current government has taken responsibility for charity.  As a result, the church has been allowed to become individualistic, competitive and benevolently anemic.  The church is individualistic because it is not forced to team up with other churches to meet needs which are  beyond the individual's reach.  If the government cut back on social welfare, the needs facing our churches would be great.  We would have to do something revolutionary, like, team up with other churches... or do something that The Church in America is good at-  shut out the world and focus on itself.   If the government handed charity back over to the church, we would have to change our focus from competition to cooperation.  As individual churches, we might have a small benevolence ministry.  We might help a few people every month.  The church I pastor gets 5-10 calls a day for food.  We can barely help 10% of those who call, (if that).  Individually, we are weak. The Church in America wants the government to teach and enforce the morality of The Church in America.  It is The Church's responsibility to spread its message to the world.  It is The Church's responsibility to disciple those who respond to the message.  Our government should allow us the complete and total freedom to proclaim our faith to a people who have the total freedom to receive it or reject it.  We teach Biblical morality to those who receive it.  Our Government should allow us the freedom to live accordingly to our morality.  We should not expect the government to enforce our morality, for if we do, we also expect it to restrict the freedoms and moralities of others.  As soon as we set a precedence for restricting other people's freedom, we open the door to have our own freedom restricted.  This is why Libertarianism works well for Christians.  Our practice of morality doesn't cause harm to anyone, and it does restrict the freedom of others (well, it shouldn't).  Not harming others is a tenant of Libertarianism.
libertarians believe you should be free to do as you choose with your own life and property, as long as you don't harm the person and property of others. (quote from here)
The moral practices of some religions are harmful to others.  Freedom is not without limits.  Anarchy will ultimately lead to oppression.  Libertarianism limits some freedom (harmful freedom), for the sake of a greater experience of freedom. So... what would happen?
  • Churches would be forced to focus less on their own kingdoms, and more on God's kingdom.
  • Churches would be forced to stop competing and start cooperating.
  • The people of America would see a church which isn't identified by big building and religious displays of piety, but rather, a church which is sacrificially giving to, serving, training and equipping people to overcome their struggles.
  • The church would definitely become more attractive.  People would more willingly associate with the church.  The gospel would be heard by more people.
  • Social club, luke warm churches would die off.
I'm a Libertarian.  Why?  Because I want the church to be free to be the church.