Falling Apart Into The Grace of God

Here’s the lie:  “As you get older and more mature, you will get better at being a Christian.”

Maybe it’s not a lie for everyone… but it is for me.  I fully believed this lie for years and years.  Logically speaking, maturity should lead to greater stability, stronger commitments, unmoving consistency, and mind-boggling spirituality.  Maybe it does for some people… but it doesn’t for me.

I’m accepting the reality of my story.

  • As I mature, I am realizing how incapable I am of stability, commitment, consistency and spirituality.


I’m Fundamentally Evangelical

Suddenly, it’s bad to be evangelical.  Suddenly, everyone is talking about being a recovering fundamental.  Suddenly, a bunch of Christians are bouncing along on one of the dumbest bandwagons to hit Christianity.

  • The demonizing of the terms ‘Evangelical’ and ‘Fundamental’


Dreaming Revelation

I actually woke up, having remembered a dream this morning.  It was a short dream about the 144,000 in Revelation.  I was looking in on a brief conversation with Jesus and some random person.  It was just a bit of dialogue, and I’m going to share it on this blog… but of course I have to throw out a disclaimer about this not being biblical or doctrine or whatever.  It was just a dream-  but I found it quite interesting:


“I’m Jesus.  I’m here to tell you that you are a descendant of the Hebrew tribe of Joseph.  I’m inviting you to give your life to me and serve Me, and I’ll put a seal on your head and protect you from the horrible events which are coming upon this earth.”


Serving The Lover

I’ve always been taught I am supposed to love God.

I’ve always been taught, that my motivation in life, is to please God.

I’ve always been taught, that I need to be a servant who is obedient, who makes the best moral decisions and watches out for the needs of others.

To this day, I still believe these things to be true.