The Risk Of Being Real

It’s hard to be authentic.  
Most of us normal humans spend more time struggling and wrestling with our flesh than we do shouting victorious mantras from mountain tops.  
When we do it, we reveal to people that we aren’t as good, nice, moral, spiritual, strong, or committed as we would like people to think.
When people ask us how we’re doing, and we give a gloomy answer, we run the risk of pushing that person away.  They might not want to be burdened with my problems, so I say, “I”m doing great!”  We throw some spiritual lingo in there so that people think our good status is directly linked to our superb devotional life.  


Top 10 Reasons To Stay in Your Normal, OK Church.

It’s okay to leave your church.  It’s okay to surrender your values.  It’s okay if you want to freely do what you just plain want to do.
Why?  Because I am a critical person who lacks solid conviction and I have unrealistic expectations…  I have made a judgment and posted it on a blog.  My post was then shared on our Facebook page.  I am one of many voices repeating the same message.  We are changing the way you think.  We are normalizing your aversion to commitment.  We are melding your pliable sympathies with your spiritual terminology and giving you permission to do whatever you want.  We are telling you what to feel and how to think.
Guess what!  It’s working.  


I Don’t Know How Jesus Does It

  • He pursues people and walks along side of them… and then, when they casually walk away as if it means nothing, He continues to love them and care for them. I don’t know how He does that.
  • He listens to so many phony prayers. He sees right through the words that people say so that they can fool themselves into believing that they are justified in something or another when in fact they are just deflecting from their real issue. Jesus knows their real issue, and yet, still wants to listen to them pray. He keeps on loving them. I don’t know how He does that.
  • His own children give Him millions of perpetual opportunities to be offended. He doesn’t get offended. I don’t know how He does that.


What Kind Of Church Are You?

You’ve seen these dumb tests on Facebook…  Answer 7 questions and you will find out whom, what, and where you should be.  After answering a few questions about rock bands and vacation activities, I found out that I’m an introverted, free-spirited boss that looks like (fat) Val Kilmer and I should live in Dublin.

 The introverted part is right…  Well, I’m a bit fat.  Whatever!

 As a pastor, I am continually thinking about church stuff.  With almost 15 years of history in our rear view mirror, I have much to dwell on from the past.  The present has many challenges that consume my thoughts also.  But it’s the future that really gets me.

  • What can we do to be a better expression of the church?